Shower heads to increase water pressure

Shower heads to increase water pressure are designed for installation in homes that have low water flow. However, before replacing the existing shower head, there are certain things you can do to increase the water pressure. Read on to find out.

A long relaxing shower is the only thing that many of us think after a tiring day. But, what if the shower water pressure is too low and does not give you a satisfactory bath? You have two options in hand, checking faults in the existing shower or replacing the shower heads to increase the water pressure. The first alternative is not applicable, if the water pressure in your area is generally low. For this kind of situations, you have no other option, instead of changing the current shower head with a brand new one.

Repair the problems of the low pressure shower

In case the water pressure in the shower is low despite having the water flow high enough, then there is something wrong with your shower head. The cause may be a clogged screen or the flow limiter. To correct these problems, turn off the shower first and open your head. Take the board and clean the screen to get rid of the waste; if it is necessary to replace the screen and the board. Install the parts and check if your shower pressure is working well or not. If this does not work, the last solution that can be tried is to remove the flow controller or flow restrictor.

Shower heads to increase water pressure

The flow controller is a rubber disk placed at the entrance of the head. It is a piece of colors (white, pink or green) that reduces the flow of water to some extent. The advantages of using flow restriction reduce energy consumption and most importantly, lower water flow per minute. However, if you are having low water pressure problems in your locality, you can eliminate this control system to increase the water flow. This is expected to increase the water pressure of the shower head. If you do not notice any improvement in water pressure, consider replacing the unit.

Increase in water pressure

When it comes to changing the shower head, research the products available in the home stores to get the best shower head. Take a look at the models recommended for use in areas with low water flow. It is best to talk to the dealer before finalizing a brand shower head in particular. You can explain the flow of water in your area, the design of the bathroom and your requirements. In this way, the distributor can reduce the number of products that best suit the user. Also, you may like to choose best high pressure shower head that fall within your budget.

The best low-pressure water shower heads are hand-held and individual function models. The design and pattern of these units are quite simple, compared to the multiple function and other sophisticated heads. In summary, there is no complicated adjustment for extra water spray in a single function and hand shower heads. Therefore, there is less restriction on the water flow of these heads and ultimately, the water pressure is high. In order to obtain the best offer, analyze the price of several brands and decide which one suits better, in terms of product quality and cost.

Last but not least, you can also consider changing the low pressure water taps to make your plumbing work complete and satisfactory. A better way to increase the water pressure of domestic showers and faucets is to install a low pressure water booster pump on the main water line. This is an appliance is designed for owners who face the problem of inadequate water flow, municipal water supply or perhaps groundwater supply.

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