Best Tv Wall Mount Reviews 2018

Best Tv Wall Mount Reviews

Introduction :- 

Don’t you need a place to mount your plasma LED or a monitor TV so that you can watch it with ease without hurting eyes and neck? There’s a solution, the cutting edge best TV wall mounts gadgets are all you need to get the best out of your TV screens. They are cost-effective and easy to handle; the clear view is among the many pros of the best TV wall mounts. There are other features such as swivel balls for rotation to any angle and direction, the stainless steel never rusts or bend, so your expensive TV set is safe. The swivel support makes it a valuable upgrade.

MOUNT FACTORY Articulating Swivel Full Motion Wall Mount Bracket for 22-42 inch TV

The mount factory articulating swivel wall mount is compatible with all the TV sets, as a universal wall mount, it is MOUNT-FACTORY-Articulating-Swivel-Full-Motion-Wall-Mountcost-effective and easy to handle. The material used in the product is immaculate with accessories and packages on bulk orders as a goodwill to the customers.

The universal compatibility of MOUNT FACTORY full motion bracket starts from 22-inch TV sets, to 30”, 32”, 36”, 38”, and 40” television screens with the VESA mount patterns of 200 x 200 mm, 200×100 mm, and 100×100 mm compatibility.

Get your TV out and mount it on the wall for more clear view, make the best out of wall mount gadget by MOUNT FACTORY set. Be it the corner or middle wall, the wall mount bracket will look best from everywhere. The steel used in the MOUNT FACTORY articulating swivel full motion bracket will leave no stone unturned to support a heavier LED or Monitor, there’s no point of losing the control while being mounted on wall.

The max weight it can bear is up to 60 lbs, so your TV is safe at it. The company provides a full money back guarantee if the product is not as described, the product is fully certified as per ISO-9001. There is full hardware set along with the wall mount bracket, along with the gold coated HDMI cable that supports 3D, 1080P, and 4K 2160 Ultra HD displays.

In the Box

The shipping box includes:

MOUNT FACTORY steel wall mount bracket.

Installation wrench

Stud wall screws

Masonary anchors, washers and spacers

Gold plated HQ HDMI cable

And a money back guarantees with 5-year warranty for $25.99

Sanus Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for 37” to 80” TVs

If you have a larger LED, LCD, or display monitor setup that you wish to mount on the wall, here’s the hack. The Sanus-Full-Motion-TV-Wall-Mount-forSANUS wall mount bracket is an ultimate gadget for your plasma TV, it is the strongest steel wall mount you will ever get a chance to buy, it can fit any TV, LED, OLED, or LCD.

Carrying more weight means it can endure more bulky gadgets; a TV up to 125 lbs can be mounted comfortably on the Sanus Full-motion wall mount.

It has a strong and smooth swivel that has a 15 degree tilt, so move it anywhere to any direction in the room for convenience. The wall mount bracket is safe for any movement, there are no tools required to mount the TV.

If you are stuck at anything, contact the SANUS customer service center for online help through phone, call them any time. It also refracts to 2.97” from wall, it has better viewing angle, it swivels to left and right to convenience up to 60-degrees. SANUS is undoubtedly the best and cost-effective TV mounts in the US.

The product is UL listed so that it can hold more than 4 times the weight of its capacity, the VESA compatibility is up to 600×400 mm. there are screws and nuts available with the packaging of wall mount for customer convenience. The total weight of shipping averages 22.9 pound.

In the Box

SANUS wall mount for 37” to 80” TV set

Wall mount Screws

Swivel supported

Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm

Ergotron LX wall mount LCD Arm is the smartest thing in the wall mount range you will find online, it is safe andErgotron-Lx-Wall-Mount-LCD recommended for viewers with weak eyesight. The installation process is simple, do it yourself, there’s no need to ask for anyone to mount the TV.

The extendable version of LX wall mount will let you watch and enjoy your free moments up to 25” when you want or push it back, it can easily be popped back when not needed.

The material used in preparation of wall mount LCD arm, it has a long life cycle than most of the other TV brackets, you need to purchase it one time and it’s good for the rest of life.

It can be a great gift to the loved ones, the gift wraps are available for no additional costs at most of the online stores including Amazon. The height range of Ergotron LX Wall mount LCD arm is ergonomic to meet the needs of short and medium heighted people, anyone can reach out and adjust the height up to 13” for most of the adults. Wall mount is shipped free of cost with per unit price of $139.95.

In the Box

The shipping box includes:

LX Wall Mount LCD arm

Screw set

Mount Factory Universal Tilting Low Profile TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-65 Inch TV

A simple and universal wall mount for all medium to large TV sets by MOUNT FACTORY is best for a standard 32-Mount-Factory-Universal-Tilting-Low-Profile-TV-Wall-Mount-Bracketinch TV or a plasma 4K display for your home cinema experience. The low profile wall mount bracket can fit to 32”, 36”, 38”, 40”, all the way up to 60” and 65” flat screens.

Mount Factory products are heavy duty with high strength and great endurance, the steel construction make sure that the TV is kept safe anywhere. The average weight it can endure is up to 80 lbs. The adjustable TV mount tilts downward from 0 to 12 degrees for best and customized viewing angle for TV and monitor viewing.

The installation process is simple and easy to do, anyone can mount it with ease, plus there’s a 10-year warranty with the product. It will cost $19.25 per piece with free shipping anywhere in the US.

In the Box

The box includes

Mount Factory TV wall mount

Screws and bolts

SIMBR TV Wall Mount Bracket

SIMBR wall mount brackets are steel-made and are certified frustration-free with a total weight of about 13.1 SIMBR-TV-Wall-Mount-Bracketpounds.

The set has full motion double articulating arm for all TV types, starting from 30 inches to the plasma full size TVs of 85 inches. The TV mount bracket is heavy duty with endurance to carry any weight compatible to TVs and plasmas.

The 2mm thickness cold rolled steel makes sure of its absolute strength to never let you worry about the TV on wall. 80kg is the max level of endurance by SIMBR TV wall mount bracket with patterns up to 400 x 700 mm.

The TV mount bracket can easily be moved or rotated for better view. For mounting a TV, you need to have at least four hole patterns to do the job perfectly, it can be installed anywhere, be it soft walls or concrete. The rotation angle is up to 15-degree from both sides.

In the Box

SIMBR TV Wall Mount

Manual of instructions

Fixing kit and screws for mounting

Spirit Level


The above described LED’s entire are fully tested and approved by security means, there’s no need for a quality assurance, the product warranty covered it all. The led wall mount brackets and support any TV size, starting from 22” to 80” plasma tv. All the products offer free shipping anywhere to the United States.