10 Best Pour Over Coffee Maker 2018

Best Pour Over Coffee Maker



Pour Over Coffee Maker Set | 3-Cups (14oz/400ml) of Perfect Hand Drip Coffee

Pour Over Coffee Maker Set, 3-Cups (14oz/400ml) of Perfect Hand Drip Coffee, Tough Borosilicate Glass Carafe Pour-Over-Coffee-Maker-Set-3-Cups-(14oz-400ml)-of-Perfect-Hand-DripReusable Paperless Stainless Steel Mesh Filter.

Coffee is a liquid hug for your brain and for some people everything gets better with coffee. We have a kit available for you to guarantee an awesome and delicate coffee taste.

You can get the true taste from your coffee only when you pour it over. We have got a pour over coffee maker for you that will really help you to charm the flavor out of the beans, as beans have travelled so long to make you happy.

Coffee gator products are a guaranteed 100% BPA free Boro silicate glass and its engineered work. Its laser cut reusable stainless steel mesh filter enables you to extract the maximum flavor with comparatively less effort. It can save you time and effort. If you are careful about the quality and service, then choose Gator. Buy one of the best pours over coffee maker here online.


Money back guarantee

High quality

Reusable mesh filter, no paper

Borosilicate Glass carafe and stainless steel mesh filter

Nice look



Be careful with the glass because it's little thin

It is only a small pour over coffee brewer


In the box

Pour Over Coffee Maker Set

3-Cups (14oz/400ml) of Perfect Hand Drip Coffee

Tough Borosilicate Glass Carafe Reusable Paperless Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

Pour Over Coffee Maker For Perfect Hand Drip Coffee

The most affordable and best to use coffee maker is out now with all the accessories you need, you will experiencePour-Over-Coffee-Maker-For-Perfect-Hand-Drip the best coffee ever with it. The taste won’t be any different; it would be better enough to get you fall in love with the Coffe Gator pour over coffee maker. It is the perfect hand drip coffee maker with a permanent stainless steel filter to get the best out of your coffee beans. There are two colors available in stock, buy the pour over the coffee maker of your choice.

Pour over is the best way to make coffee, get the flavor you want out of them and enjoy the sparkling winters from either your blanket or office. It is easy to carry, take it anywhere and enjoy the extract. If you aren’t familiar with its function, read out the user manual, and you are a pro now. The Coffee Gator pour over coffee maker is made ofa fine glass 100% BPA free borosilicate glass and added stainless steel mesh filter to complete the equation. When you are done, clean it easy and fast, it won’t stick to the bottom of the coffee maker and can be rinsedeasily.

Coffee Gator pour over coffee maker will never steal your taste; it will remain the same after meshing the beans. Add the item to cart now, and you will be provided with a free ebook with all the secrets of making and purchasing a great coffee.


BPA glass makes it safer and shatter free

It helps attain maximum flavor

It is easy to rinse



It is only 9 ounces in weight that means it can make a limited amount of coffee at a time


In the Box 

Coffee Gator pour over coffee maker

User manual

Gift-wrap (on demand)

Bodum Coffee Maker, Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter

Bodum Coffee Maker, Pour Over Coffee MakerBodum coffee makers are known for their awesome designs and superior technology; the color range is quite diverse, that makes it a perfect pick for your next winter coffee. It is simple, made a quick coffee and made of stainless steel to do the great job assigned to it. So, have the best coffee, the steel mesh filter, and borosilicate glass is an excellent combo for a best coffee maker. The Bodum coffee maker with permanent filter is available in black, red, green, cork, clear with handle, turquoise, white, and sand colors. The design is flawless, and the product quality is even better than that. A single serving makes eight coffee cups if its 4 oz each with a 34 oz coffee maker. It is easier to clean, thanks to borosilicate glass and stainless steel. There are other sizes available including 15 oz, 17 oz, 34 oz, and 51 oz. The standard 34 oz cost around $20 per unit.


It is available in 10 colors

Only three steps are involved while making coffee

Easy to clean



It is lightweight, may flip while running

Only available in the US


In the Box 

Bodum pour over coffee maker

User manual

Gift-wrap also available

Large Pour Over Coffee Maker Set – 5-Cups (27oz/800ml) of Perfect Hand Drip Coffee

Large Pour Over Coffee Maker Set - 5-CupsCoffee Gator large pour over Coffee Maker Set is made to meet the demand of a large gathering, up to 5 cups or 800ml of hand drip coffee. The mesh filter is made of stainless steel while the outer glass is borosilicate glass carafe. The design is great and cost-effective. Spill out the coffee beans to the Coffee Gator Large pour over coffee maker and the rest would be done by itself. The product is carefully engineered to do the work fast and perfect, enough to make you happy with it without losing taste. The stainless steel makes sure that no tasteis lost, it is rinsed easily. There’s no need to replace the filters now; it can easily be rinsed and used for another time, hence more taste.

As they say, more smiles per cup with incredible taste that would immerse to the soul. The three-step coffee making is a reality now; the laser cut steel does all the job that can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. There is no chance of rust whatsoever.


It is made of 100% BPA borosilicate glass and stainless steel mesh

Easy to use

Feasible and cost-effective



Only ships to the US

The price tag is bit high
In the Box 

Coffee Gator 5 cup pour over large coffee maker

User manual

Gift-wrap also available

Apace Living POUR OVER COFFEE MAKER (800 ml / 127 oz) and Coffee Scoop

Apace Living POUR OVER COFFEE MAKERIf you are interested in good-looking and best quality coffee meshers and pour over coffee makers, get to the Apace Living Pour over Coffee maker and Coffee Scoop. It can make 5 cups of coffee,i.e., 800ml and is available online from the US for $24.99 only from Amazon. Apace living Pour Over coffee maker is easy to use, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly, the taste remains intact, thanks to the stainless steel masher.

It is the best kitchen companion; it is a time and money saver for your busy morning, or at night when it’s too cold to reach the kitchen for a cup of coffee, carry it to the bedroom and it will make a delicious coffee. The zero risk policy makes it easier to claim warranty of the product; it has a1-year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee if the item is not as described.


No paper filters needed


1-year warranty



Only for the US

Old Design


In the Box 

Apace living pour over coffee maker 800ml

one pour over aglass carafe

Reusable laser-cut stainless filter

Coffee scoop

User manual

Gift-wrap on deman

Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee MakerChemex Coffeemakermeets the needs of six people, thanks to its large size 6-cup series. It has a flawless design, made of steel, glass, and wood. The wood collar makes it more beautiful and appealing to buyers, the leather tied around the wood is best in the world for a coffee lover. Speaking of its distinction, it was selected as one of the best 100 designed products to date by a survey conducted by the University of Illinois. The capacity of coffee maker is 30 oz,i.e., 6 cups.

The six cup classic series is best in design, quality, and price tag. It has Chemex bonded filters. The output is natural and without any bitterness or loss of taste, you will be provided with the best taste ever. It has taken care of all the needs to make a perfect coffee; the filters by Chemex are designed to give exceptionaltaste.


Best design


More cups



It can only be shipped within the United States

Add a protection plan for additional charges

No steel filter


In the Box 

30 ounce Chemex 6-Cup glass coffeemaker

User manual

Warranty card

Gift wrap also available

POUR OVER Coffee Kettle 1L

POUR OVER Coffee Kettle 1LEnjoy the best coffee with the Pour over Coffee Kettle with abuilt-in thermometer so that the coffee has no chance to burn or overcooked. The 1-liter Kettle is enough to meet the coffee needs for two. The brew would be the best, you will fall in love with the kettle, believe it. The kettleis engineered for coffee making; it has a medical-grade stainless steel body with a smooth water flow formula. The built-in thermometer lets you take measurements and helps prevent burns or too cold. The temperature gauge lets it brew properly.

The double layer metal base keeps it intact; it is rust free, thanks to the stainless steel body of CoffeeGator, it would be the best addition to your kitchen cabinet. Coffee Gator 1L pours over coffee kettle has amoney back guarantee and a free eBook about the coffee and kitchen hacks. Buy the Lamborghini of coffee makers; it’s as smooth as it is.


The stainless steel body is rust-free and durable

Money-back guarantee

Built-in thermometer



Only 1 liter of storage

Only for the United States consumers


In the Box 

1L Coffee Gator pours over coffee kettle

Warranty card


Gift-wrap also available

Melitta Coffee Maker, 10 Cup Pour-Over Brewer with Stainless Thermal Carafe

Melitta coffee maker is a pour over 10-cup coffee brewer sold for $27.09 per unit. It has a stainless steel body and can make 10 cups of coffee; it has a special featured airlock technology that can retain the temperature of coffee for hours. Take it anywhere, to picnic, office, or make your coffee once and enjoy at your home in chilling nights or during exams, it is durable and warm. The coffee filter is apermanent plastic filter; the lid and cone both are BPA free.

You will love the way Melitta Coffee maker does it; it will prepare your coffee as Melitta did in the20th century. The pour-over coffee would be the best one you have prepared to date. The steel carafe is safe for health and prevents the coffee maker from any breakage. The price tag is just affordable. If you are going to buy more than one, you will get more discounts by the vendor on Amazon.


It makes best pour over coffee

It has stainless steel exterior

The plastic top and steel body will retain coffee temperature for 4-5 hours.



It is not as durable as full steel kettles


In the Box 

Melitta Coffee Maker 10-cup pour over brewer

User manual and warranty

Keurig K15 Single Serve Compact K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Chili Red

Keurig K15 Single Serve Compact K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Chili RedThe tempting chili red colored single serve compact k-cup pod coffee maker by Keurig is best for a permanent solution to your coffee needs. It is small and portable, carry it anywhere. It has a vast range of coffee making modes; it can fill up the cup sizes between 6-10 oz. It also has a place to carry water for the next coffee cup; the drip tray makes it easier to carry mugs up to 5ft 2in and holds the coffee brew for rinsing. The Keurig k15 has smart controls as it can turn itself off automatically after 90 seconds of inactivity, which helps reduce the consumption of energy.

Along with the cutting edge modern technology, the brewer is full of features. There is an auto-offfunction; there are multiple colors available, red and black are the ones most popular while Chili red is the one available at Amazon. The brew sizes range from 6 to 10 ounce; it can make more than a coffee. There is a removable drip tray to save time in cleaning.


It has multiple brew sizes,i.e., 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz.

The water storage is available with option to store fresh water for each cup

There is a display control function for on/off.

There are programmable logic circuits to indicate the on/off and other functions.



The design isn’t smart enough

It only operates on 110v AC in the United States


In the Box 

Keurig K15 Single Serve compact K-cup Pod coffee maker

User manual


Gift-wrap also available

Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Rhubarb

Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, RhubarbKeurig K55 Single Serve programmable K-Cup coffee maker is a classic coffee maker in the K-Cup series by Keurig. It has almost the same features as other items in the coffee maker series except it being bigger and better than the others. The unit price of Keurig K55 is $89.99. It can brew multiple K-cup pod sizes starting from 6.oz to 10.oz and with a large 48 oz water reservoir, you can refill your mugs at any time while brewing, the fresh water will make its way to the mug every time that is stored in the pod. It will take 6+ cups to refill the water reservoir. Also, the water container in the coffee maker K51 is removable.

There is automatic electric controlled on/off buttons in the brewer that makes life easier for the consumer. It is programmed to turn off after 90 minutes of inactivity. It is easy to clean with removable drip tray; it can be disintegrated and cleaned at once. The button control and light indicators are on the side of thecoffee maker and make easier to turn off or on with a single button. The color available at Amazon is Rhubard and the material used is Plastic.


It has a large water container that can fill up to 7 cups

The plastic body is less bulky

It is portable

It is currently available at Amazon


Free shipping and money back guarantee



Only available in a single color

It can justbe traded inside the United States


In the Box 

Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

User manual and warranty card

Power cord

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